A visit to a farming community...

We met one of Jennifer's friends, Lydia, she was so welcoming and wanted to take us to visit her mother's house. So on Sunday we took a drive to her mother's house to see a farming community.

These ladies were so nice to stop their work and pose for a picture.

Our tour took us down to the river... where we encountered a few girls from the orphanage taking a bath. I guess the river is still used for everything.

Gives new meaning to free range chickens.

Notice on the other side of that little gate is this family's kitchen. Convenient for getting milk, but I'm not sure about the smells and sanitation factors.

We crossed this stream to go see Lydia's father's prized fruit trees. Her father passed away 2 months ago and now no one is there to pick the fruit. Someone has been stealing the fruit, so there wasn't much left for us to see.

Jennifer offered to come and help pick the fruit, but it has large needles all over the tree and apparently takes a special touch to pick the fruit.

The fruit grows in clusters. It has a bitter - sweet flavor.

This is Lydia preparing the fruit for us to eat. Not too long after this picture was taken I spotted a LARGE spider on top of her head. It stood out against her white headdress. I really wanted to get a picture of the spider on her head, but at the same time I didn't want to be rude and let it continue to be on her head. Jennifer bravely took a stick that Lydia handed her and swatted the spider off of her head. By this time we were all very freaked out and just wanted to get out of this area. I'm telling you the spider was HUGE. We were told later that spiders there aren't poisonous, but looking at the spider I wouldn't be too sure.

Here it is... the menacing, really long legged, attack spider. I get chills every time I look at the picture.