Adventure day...

We started this adventure at 1AM, which explains why I couldn't see anything on the camera screen when trying to take this picture.

This was our hired transportation to the sunset sight and then to the volcano.

This drive combined with a strong gas odor and the lack of sleep caused everyone on board to get sick. We were told that the "normal" path was covered in fog so we had to go the back way... filled with the largest pot holes I've ever seen.

We were trying to find out what time it was... because it was too dark to see the watch. Unfortunately I couldn't find it in the screen either.

Got it! But the camera didn't have enough light to focus on anything that close... right! After all of this finagling, Sharon announces that she has an indiglo watch.

Vendors were scattered across the top of the mountain selling food, scarves, gloves, coats... it was cold for a tropical climate. I was glad for my sweater and sock gloves.

The sunrise... worth the early morning, fume filled ride.

A view of the volcano pouring out smoke.

Nice until you're breathing it!

The options are to walk to the top or take a horse to the landing before the stair climb.

We chose to walk.

Worse squatty potty I ever had to use... and had to pay to use

She was selling flower bunches to use as an offering to the gods. This area had a large Hindu population and they believe that the gods live in the volcano, so to appease them they throw flower offerings into the crater.

The early morning rush hour climb to the top.

Nothing but smoke. Why not a plunge?

Crista is trying to fan the smoke away from her face.

I, on the other hand, have no shame and tuck my sock under my glasses to keep the smoke out.

I thought I'd make an offering to the gods with my own flower... didn't work she's getting too strong.

We hiked more than 1/2 way around the volcano to the peak in the middle of this picture.

Coming down the mountain everyone had to cover up because the ash was free for the breathing.

Everyone took home more than a little ash.

I tried to cover up on the way down because by this time my hair was so stiff with dirt. Again no shame. Crista was amused by the reaction of one of the tshirt vendors when he saw me.

The flatter, less pothole filled way home.

As we entered the rain forest area, the driver told us to look for monkeys swinging from trees. Seconds after he said this I looked up and saw this monkey sitting in the tree. When he heard the loud jeep coming down the road he disappeared into the trees before I could get any more footage. Awesome, though, cause how many monkeys do you see in the wild...

These picture do these fields little justice.

The driver stopped along the way home at this park where we hiked down the mountain to see a waterfall. I thought for sure that the waterfall was going to be 2ft. tall, I'm glad I was wrong.

The path down the mountain. I was looking for monkeys the entire time.


I told you they carry everything on the bikes. This is the name of the waterfall.