Sign me up for art camp...

Schools in Indonesia close for only a few weeks in the summer, which happened to be the time we were coming to do the art camps. The first camp we did was at an international school. Most of the students spoke English, which made communicating an experience we could enjoy without an interpreter. Here are some of the kids that Crista and I connected with:

This little girl had the cutest laugh. We had a laughing spell as I was telling her she was silly and she was telling me I was sillier.

On the last day of camp the adults ordered pizza for lunch. This little boy was eyeing the pizza the entire lunch. As he noticed a few pieces left in the box, he yelled to Jennifer "You full?" We couldn't share any pizza with him because there were other students ogling as well. So he followed me to the trashcan as I was disposing of the empty boxes, he opened every box to make sure it was indeed empty; then exclaimed in excitement at the discovery of a leftover pepperoni.

I probably encouraged this behavior with the presence and snap of the camera.

Here are Crista's buddies. The first class we had included them... well kind of. A few seconds into the class and they took off running. I went after them and they only giggled at the chase and kept on running. By the second day, we connected with them and they began to participate in our activities.

One of the games we organized for the students included a balloon stomp. I apparently used the wrong kind of balloon because it took a hard stomp to pop most of the balloons. Oh well, it kept the game going!