Art Camp #2

Besides having a different summer schedule, schools operate from 7am - 12pm six days a week during the regular school season. To accommodate parents' work schedules a center opened up to provide instruction to the students in the afternoon, which was the site of our second art camp.

In the mornings before our afternoon art camp, Crista and I helped with a card making class for the teachers at the center.

Imaging going through life having never used a paperclip, tape dispenser, plastic wrap, a camera, or painting a picture. Yeah, hard to imagine. Unfortunately this was reality for many of the students that attended this art camp. It was amazing to watch the students discover these items and be creative using them.

One of the games that we played with the students was "Heads up, Seven up." We had several peekers in the bunch.

This is Winnie, she had the vision for this center and a heart for the students. She is amazing, as she continues to battle cancer and run the center.

We invited the moms to the center to view their student's work. It was awesome to see them wander around proudly viewing their child's work. There is a strong sense of "group think" pervading the culture, because of this individual creativity is stifled. Several of the students were able to make personal breakthroughs in exploring their creative side.

These girls followed us around the neighborhood as we visited some of the homes of the students.

Such a cute smile.

We had a great time connecting with the students. Hopefully they had fun being creative and discovering new things.