We have arrived!!!

We left Lancaster on Monday, July 13 to head to NYC for our flight from JFK. It is now Friday in Indonesia and we have just completed our first day of art camp. Most of our week has been consumed with air travel and the other portion with trying to catch up on sleep.

We arrived in Malang yesterday after several changes in our flight departure time. So needless to say we were quite exhausted by the time we arrived in Malang (we sat in the Jakarta airport from 6:50am until our final boarding call at 10:15am). Apparently flight delays are a common occurrence here.

This picture was taken at our hotel in Jakarta before our long airport wait.

Our trip from the airport to my friend, Jennifer's house was very interesting. Motor bikes crowd the streets carrying one to four plus people on them. I saw children, seemingly younger than 2, riding sandwiched between two adults or sitting on the front of a bike. Cars weave in and out of the motor bike traffic. It's a sight to behold.

Today, Friday, was our first day of art camp. The kids were really cute and kept us busy. Crista and I helped with the creative writing sessions, as well as the game session. I had the older students building towers with marshmallows and straws. Saturday is our last day of camp with these students and then we have a few days rest before our next sessions at another location.

Here is a dessert that we stopped to eat at street stand. I'm pretty sure that the FDA doesn't visit the street stands. I figured the fire and chocolate took care of the germs!

More later!