Sleeping quarters...

Crista and I ended up in Indonesia because my friend, Jennifer, has lived there for almost 4 years now. She was gracious and allowed Crista and I to stay at her house. When you rent a house in Indonesia it comes with the full responsibility of ownership. The renter is free to make any renovations and changes to the house as if they owned the home. So before Jennifer moved in she had many updates made to the house.

Being a tropical environment means that there is an extremely hot season and a rainy season, the combination brings mold to most homes. I visited several home and noticed mold or paint bubbling off the walls from this moisture and heat combination, so it's a common problem. Jennifer told me that most Indonesians do not take care of these issues in their homes. It could be that most people are renters and don't want to spend the money to fix a home they don't own. I was reading a book entitled

Culture and Customs of Indonesia

and it was suggested that typically homes and personal property do not hold status value, unlike much of the western world where houses are indicators of wealth and prestige. This might also explain why little capital is spent on the upkeep of houses. Needless to say, I was happy that Jennifer spent the capital to clear the mold and bring in a western style toilet, as well as a tankless water heater for showers.

Screens are a must because the mosquitoes are on the prowl for fresh blood. Another update that Jennifer had to make to the house before moving in.

Taking your shoes off at the door is customary in Indonesia. We went visiting some of the students at their homes and I wore the wrong shoes... I had to keep undoing and re-strapping my shoes every time we entered and exited their homes.

Ahhh, the conveniences of home. In Indonesia, the squatty potty is the throne of choice. Showers are done by dipping a bucket in a tub of water and pouring it over your head. So a hot water shower is definitely a luxury.

Here is where Crista and I crashed at night. Luckily our room was in the center of the house, nice and dark. Plus it provided a little bit of a sound barrier for the 4am wake up call...