Bring on the food...

Crista and I both enjoyed Indonesian food, there were only a few things that we couldn't touch. I have to admit that watching Jennifer eat squid complete with tentacles made me gag (which I tried to not make obvious).

This was my favorite restaurant. We ordered family style and the entire meal cost us $3/person.

The waiter at the restaurant is hilarious. I couldn't speak with him directly but even translated he is funny. I'm not sure why I'm making a muscle, he suggested that we pose like this. Possibly this is more of his humor... seeing what dumb things he can get tourist to do.

The first time we tried to go to the restaurant they were closed for a wedding. This seemed to be a common occurrence for us, while at the pool we had to move so they could set up for a wedding.

Soto Ayam - Chicken soup basically with fried potato slices on top

Forget the name but it was good.

Breakfast one morning - rice with a heat-kick topped with scrambled eggs