Pictures from our travels

At 1AM, after 2hrs. of sleep, we headed to meet our jeep that was going to take us to Mt. Bromo, an active volcano. We had an adventure filled trip that I can't wait to share. Here are my adventure companions and also my housing mates these last few weeks. Let's just say that we had a fabulous time. I have some awesome sunrise pictures, as well as some extra surprises to share at a later (high speed access) date.

The school has been working with 5 ladies to start a business making and selling purses. Here is one of the students helping her mom put the finishing touches on one of the purse designs. They just started this business in February and are working out all of the details for selling the purses. The proceeds go directly to these families which is a great blessing to them.

This is the group of students, staff from the school, and our team (assembled from many areas in the states and one Indonesian). We really enjoyed working with our team and helping with the art classes. For our last day at that school we assembled an art show displaying all of the student's creations and invited their moms to the school to view their work. For some of the student's this was the first time they had painted or done some of the projects, so it was exciting to see their faces light up as they showed off their work to their moms.

Crista at one of the temples we visited. It was amazing that they allowed people to climb all over this ancient structure. Although the fine for moving a stone or taking something from the temple was 10 years in jail and a $10k fine. Didn't want that to be our last act in Indo.

Seeing as it took quite a while to upload these pictures this will have to conclude our photo tour for today! I'll be back in the usa in a few days, so more to come then!