May the games begin!

Today we veered from the original plan and went to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland for the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. I didn't get to see much of the Opening Ceremonies because I was outside with one of the kids, but at least I was at the museum for the opening... kind of special!

The torch for the Torino Olympics.

Inside the tent where people were viewing the Opening Ceremonies. I was there for a second but had to follow a kid out that was too hot. It was stifling I was glad to be sitting outside.

View from the terrace. Those are houses across the lake and a sail boat on the lake.

The sneaker that is just behind the shirt and the racket handle is signed by Michael Jordan.

I totally think that someday my bike will be here!

The US women's softball team signed this glove. I got scolded for taking pictures so no more after this one... who knew, there was no sign or nothing in the literature that I read. Oops!

A random stop in Montreux for the kids to do some shopping in 15 minutes. I took pictures and led three kids to the Migros store for a quick purchase!