Game Museum

Wednesday was a rainy, overcast day and the limited indoor activities at the chalet meant boredom could set in at any moment, sending the kids wild and me crazy. It didn't take much convincing to make a trip to Vevey to visit a museum and Montreux for shopping, I was relieved to have an escape from the confines of our mountain dwelling. With kids loaded in the van, we headed down the windy mountain road. Gum is a must for these van trips down the mountain, without it I get nauseous from the constant turns and the dodging of cars nearly scraping the side of the van as they pass. The museum we had intended on visiting was closed, so we changed plans and ended up at the Game Museum in Vevey. The museum displayed games throughout the ages. They had a room at the end filled with all kinds of games to play. Then we headed back to Montreux for a quick shopping trip. Overall it was a good escape.

Since I had to take pictures with the camp's camera I let a student take pictures with my camera. So this is her take on the day. The above picture is the courtyard of the museum.

Some ancient game pieces that were found.

The museum was near Lake Geneva so we took a walk to the lake.

The town of Vevey.