A view from the top!

The internet connection is a little slow so I have to reformat my pictures before uploading them, which may mean not as many pictures in the future. I've tried to add more to this post but the connection with blogger keeps timing out. I miss my blazing speeds at home.

This is a school on top of the mountain. Some of the students work at the Buffet where we eat all of our meals.

We descended the mountain on foot which took about 2 hrs. My legs were shaking at the end from trying to fight gravity. This is the town of Montreux which is directly on Lake Geneva.

This is part of the path that took us down the mountain.

We got a view of a hang glider at the top of the mountain. The building to the right is the Buffet.

This is a church that we pass on our way from the Chalet to the Buffet. It's a steep 500 yard walk between the two.

This is a town we walked through on our way to the bottom. It's called Glion.

Well that's all of the pictures for now. Saturday is another free day and then Sunday afternoon the next round of kids come. There will be 15 kids and 4 chaperons so we will have our hands full with kids from 8am - 9pm. Next week we loose a chaperon, then two weeks after that another one... until finally for the last week it will just be Evan and I. So, I'm planning to take it one week at a time and not think about the craziness of the last week. I'm so glad that I will be visiting my friend, Tiffany in Zurich for a few days of rest before flying home.

Oh, Martinessa if you are reading, I went to the La Poste today and ordered stamps for the U.S. in French. Which worked but they don't take cards and seeing as I'm not yet carrying francs I couldn't purchase them. But don't you worry I will prevail!