An escape to Lausanne...

At the beginning of the week, we thought me might have to help with the kids that were staying the weekend, but as it turns out we did not. Rob was leaving today and was getting a ride down the mountain to the train station, so Evan and I hitched a ride to the station and decided to head to Lausanne.

It was a very nice day, considering it had rained the past two days (have I mentioned that it is cold here... I packed for August temps and it's October temps according to my reference point). This was the first time in 3 weeks that I've been out in a city without children to watch. Freedom! All the parents reading this say 3 weeks, whatever... but seriously there are differences.

The Cathedral of Notra Dame in the background built in the 12th century. I didn't want to seem touristy while we were shopping so I didn't take any pictures of the shopping streets.

As we were walking back to the train station, I was stopped by an older gentleman asking me a question. I thought he wanted to know what time it was, so I asked Evan if he had the time. To which he showed the gentleman his phone. Turns out he was looking for the Cathedral of Notre Dame... I got what he was saying after about the 10th time, but by then he was asking another guy. Oops! And I thought I was getting good at guessing what people were saying to me.

Random shots from around town...

A government building

Notice the nice "M" in the middle of the picture... doesn't really belong with the architecture.

We found this party under the bridge. The guys in the middle were doing step challenges. Crista it was right up your alley.

Lausanne is home to the highest court of appeals in Switzerland.

Laura keep the dream alive!

The night sky from Lausanne's train station.

When we returned to Montreux there was a little extra time before the train took us back up the mountain so we wondered along the lake in search of some coffee. I stopped for some pictures of the views. There is rarely a night without an amazing sky. Tonight the sky and the water seemed to blend together.