First outing...

Load up the bus we are headed to the musee (museum) and la piscine (swimming pool). I wish I could have hung my camera out the window while we were driving the 1hr. to Martigny, which is south through more of the Alps. Too bad I was in a huge valley because I was close to the French Alps and Mont Blanc.

This picture is looking at the bath house, with mountains all around.

The kids loved the water slide and the boys discovered that you go faster when your skin is touching the slide instead of your bathing suit. You can guess what that meant.

There were 4 diving areas. The highest one is 10 meters, but it wasn't open to just anyone. The 5 meter platform was high enough for me, it might as well have been 10 meters.

This was the museum that we went to in Matigny.

A few from the Chalet at night. Not to bad!!