Small Towns in Switzerland

On my last tour day of Switzerland we decided to do a lakeside tour. It was a cloudy day so going up the mountains would have been view-less, but the lakes provided no less beauty.


A quick stop in this small town to have a picnic lunch and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Boat cruises around the lake are a common scene.

The mountain Rigi was directly behind us with cable cars going to the top.


It's said that Weggis is the Riviera of Lake Lucerne, I'm not sure why exactly but it was a quaint town on the water.


We made our way inward to a town built into the side of a mountain and made one stop at this building. It is a museum that houses the Bundesbrief, the Charter of Confederation (circa 1291), which was used as a basis for the U.S. Constitution. The Bundesbrief has only left the country one time and that was for a week's trip to Philly for a special celebration.


Since my last visit to Zug was wet and dreary, we made a return visit. This is a really great town and I loved the buildings in the Old Town.

We ended our day with coffee and tea at this restaurant in the center of town. A perfect end to my time in Switzerland. It's an amazing country from the lake shores to the peaks of the Alps... every view is spectacular. I have 1300 + pictures to prove it!