Visiting Tiffany in Zurich

My friend Tiffany lives outside of Zurich with her husband and 4 month old baby. We have been on several excursions already, so I thought I would share some of the pictures.


On the lake... and very wet on Saturday night.

We thought the rain would pass so we started walking only to find the rain increase, along with the wind. So back to the car for the next town towards the sunshine.


I had to borrow a jacket from Tiffany it was so cold.

There was a bike race with jumps and ramps through the old city cobble stone streets. We sat along the river and had hot chocolate before returning home.


This is a picture walking towards the lake.

It was a busy Sunday around the lake; good weather has a way of drawling people towards water.

These pontoon boats are from the 60's.

Mainau, Germany

This is the entrance to Mainau, but what we didn't realize was that it cost 15 Euros to go look at the island of flowers. Instead of crossing we decided to picnic at the entrance and then go back in the car for a brief drive through Konstanz and Singen, then head back across the border to Switzerland.

Stein am Rhine, Switzerland

The stone on the Rhine, not really sure where the name came from, perhaps the castle on top of the hill. Anyway, it was a beautiful city and a gorgeous day.

This is the beginning of the Rhine River from the lake water.

A view into the shopping and cafe section of the city.

Very cool town... if you ever get this way for a visit, I'd put it on the list.

They are restoring the building on the right but had a scrim made with the paintings and windows from the building so that it would flow with the rest of the buildings on the street during the project.

Touching the Rhine... it actually wasn't too cold, just the sun was really bright.