On to Basel...

The weather was a little cloudy this morning so we headed northwest towards Basel, which borders Germany and France. It's the 3rd largest city in Switzerland, an artistic and historic town with many homes dating back to the 14th century. We explored a self-guided tour around the old part of the city and I tried to captured some pictures of the beautiful historic homes.

Basel, Switzerland

The start of the walk began at the Market Place. The red building is the Rathaus.

The shopping streets had canopies over them to help deflect the sun light.

Random vase of flowers found in the middle of the street. Artistically I haven't decided what this is saying.

This the signs we followed around town for our tour. They were quite inconspicuous at times and at one point we thought we lost the trail.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the bread alligator.

Another view of a city along the Rhine River.


Dating back to 44 BC the Roman ruins in this town are amazingly still around these many years later. The guys laying the stones had no idea how long their work would outlast them. Makes me wonder if my bathroom work will outlast me 2000 years, guess I didn't have the same respect for the work done before me... but seriously it needed to be done!

The side of the Theatre.

Roman baths

Floor mosaics

Truly a gorgeous day and it was good thing we headed towards the west because the east stayed in a fog. Only one more day to explore, and then it's back on the jet to head to the States.