A day in the life of...
Just so you don't think that life is all mountains and good times to be had in every valley. Here is a run down of my day:

7:30am Wake up and shower

7:50am Wake up the children

8:15- 8:25am Up and down the steps five times to get the girls to go downstairs for our walk to breakfast

8:30am Walk 500 yards down the mountain to breakfast

8:40am Go up and down the stairs at the Buffet getting the kids orange juice, milk, bread, and cereal

9:00am Go up and down the stairs at the Buffet clearing off the dishes from the tables and taking them to the dishwasher, while telling kids to sit down

9:15am Return up the mountain 500 yards to the Chalet

9:45am Workshops begin - children may participate or not so we must keep track of those that don't want to do them and make something up for them to do (age range 6 - 15) - which means if the younger ones play the older ones think it's dumb, then we break up arguments, play matching games, ping pong, go up and down the stairs searching for children, etc.

11:30am Head back down the hill for lunch

11:40am Go up and down the Buffet stairs getting water, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd courses for 27 people (only being able to carry 3 plates at a time), and clearing off the plates from each course, while tell kids to sit down

12:30pm Back up the mountain

1pm Workshops begin - children may participate or not - we try to organize a game of hide and seek, but older children are bored, then someone gets hurt - try to go to the soccer field no one wants to go, finally some kids go and an argument breaks out, proceed to soccer field, the rest of the older children don't want to do soccer, music, or art and ask to be left alone to talk (I stay back to monitor the situation and to keep a close ear to the happenings) **Add catch girls trying to sneak into my room

5:30pm Walk down the mountain to the Buffet - repeat lunch process of stairs and plates

6:30pm Return up the mountain

7pm Start telling kids to shower (I've made a schedule and keep telling them when the next one is ready), then I have to help the 6 year old with her shower

8:30pm ish A concert of some sort

9pm ish Tell girls to get to their rooms

9 - 11pm ish Sit in the hallway with my computer and keep telling girls to return to their rooms, get lightning bugs out of one room, catch two girls in another girls room (moved there while I was catching bugs)

11pm Go to my room and update the blog or email people

12am Finally wind down for sleep

Keep praying for me!!