For my dad...
I was talking with my father this evening and he thought his computer browser wasn't working properly because I hadn't updated this site in almost a week. So, Dad this is for you...

Today was my first break from work in 25 days. Monday we finished cleaning the Chateau after the last group left. We had a Leadership training group of 38 people here for two weeks. They were from 11 different countries and all spoke English, which was really nice for understanding but bad for learning French. I enjoyed getting to know them and hearing their life stories. I got an invite to Spain and Germany out of the deal, you never know when an opportunity to travel to these countries will present itself.

The next group was just here for the weekend, 72 French singles. It was interesting to watch the interaction between 55 ladies and 15 men all over the age of 40 (average age was closer to 60). A few years ago, a friend and I were making up possible names for singles groups, more for our own enjoyment than anything else. One of the names we came up with was S.A.S.S.Y. Mara (Single And Searching Someone Younger - Mara because it means bitter), well let's just say that some of the people at the Chateau were members of the Sassy Mara group. Not everyone was part of the bitter crowd, I met some very nice ladies in the group. I also surprised myself by understanding some of the French that was being spoken to me, which is helpful when people are asking seemingly elementary things like "Could I have a glass?" If nothing else, I've managed to get the puzzled look down when someone asks me something and I have no idea how to ascribe meaning to that particular combination of sounds.

I have a feeling that the pictures I take in the next few days are going to be really good. So if you have in any way been disappointed with the pics up to this point, hold on cause there is more to see! Tomorrow I will be Chateau shopping, I still haven't heard from anyone on the Deller Family Chateau, but I figured I'd check out the Chateau real estate market anyway. Then Friday I leave for Switzerland.

Oh, interesting facts for those of you that care. Stephanie Powers used to live about 15 minutes from here with her ex-husband and they built a golf course by their property (the only one in the area from what I'm told). I haven't been by it yet, but I'll try to get a picture for Aunt Barb and Uncle Jerry to see if it's worth their time on their next trip to France. There is a restaurant and small resort about 25 minutes from here that has a helicopter pad for all of the celebrities and dignitaries that come for dinner. It's called Georges Blanc and will set you back at least 300 Euros per person for a 7 course meal. They boast that everything is made fresh and have chefs dedicated to each part of the meal (a salad chef, vegetable chef, a sauce chef, etc). The spa on the property looks incredible too. You can check it out at Not sure if I'll be able to get there this trip.

Okay, Dad hope you can read this! Pictures next time!