Tour de jour

Today was tour the area day, so here are the amazing pictures of the day. Notice the beautiful weather, I think it was 23 C... so about 73F.

These are pictures of St. Philibert's Church in Tournus.

Now that's an organ!

A baptismal... gives a whole new meaning to baptism by faith!

Stairs to the tower.

Inside the tower looking at the back of the organ.

The next level in the tower, unfortunately the stairs were closed something about danger.

Pictures from Saint Pierre de Brancion

Gate into the town... vehicles actually fit!

The only thing at the Chateau that isn't in ruins is the tower.

The church on top of the hill.

The view from the hill.

It was so windy that I was nearly blown off the hill. Seriously!

This is inside the church. Notice the harp on the right, there was a guy playing it. The doors were open to the church so the sound was flowing outdoors, combined with the view, it was amazing!

A small house in Brancion. Most of the houses here are summer homes.

Abbaye de Cluny

Here you have to use your imagination. I'm standing in what used to be the largest church in the world, until Rome got into the action. This church was then destroyed and only parts of the outwalls remain.

And on the way home...

We stopped by my new home! This is a private residence, so no pictures from the inside.

Now that's an impressive entrance!

That concludes the tour of the area!