La Chateau

The Chateau is beautiful! Very quaint and has lots to explore

. I've only explored a little bit of the property before we headed off to the nearest town to do some grocery shopping. The Chateau is located on the hill overlooking the town of St. Albain. They told me that on a clear day you can see the Alps and the highest point called Mont Blanc. Today was a beautiful day but too hazy to see the mountains. I will be busy tomorrow (Thursday) getting the

property ready for a group of 150 people coming on Friday. I'm told there is much to be done, so we are going to jump right in. I'm feeling much better today and hope to be in even condition tomorrow (although as I type this I'm having a coughing fit!).

This is my "new" house. I'm staying in the bottom floor in a small room just inside the last window on the right. I have two twin beds (one for sleeping, the other for holding my luggage), a dresser, and a sink. There are a total of three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen/dinette, shower room, and what we would call a 1/2 bath. It's very comfortable quarters.

The building to the left is my house. Then if you can imagine there is a street between my house and the house you see on the right. This is the main street leading up the hill. The streets aren't really wide here. Guess who is going to be driving around France pretty soon on these narrow streets... you guessed it!

This is the narrow street leading up the hill (two way traffic!). I can't wait to explore more of the town. Most of the people travel about 10min. to the neighoring town of Macon for work and grocery shopping.

The following pictures are random shots from around the Chateau.

In case you thought I was just getting these pictures off of the internet. I'm really here! No I didn't Photoshop myself into the picture. Wouldn't that be funny though if I was really sitting in... wait, why would I want to pretend to be any other place than France.

Keep checking back... for stories on the supermarket shopping, the first work day, and synopsis of French living!