Typical Michelle Moments

For those of you interested in the stupid moments that seem to find me, I thought I wouldn't disappoint... and share a few of these moments with you.

Attack of the Radiator

Below is a picture of the long hallway in the gate house that I'm living in. Well, as you can see there is a radiator pictured on the left of the hallway. The control for the radiator is conveniently placed on the top left corner.

Another great feature about the control is that it protrudes a good 3 inches from the radiator. It is also at an ideal height...

for my upper arm to take the brundt of the force when my body steers right into the radiator control.

Notice the slight dark yellow discoloration on both of my arms. That's right, I hit the radiator going both directions, several times. I may need to start wearing arm pads... I'm thinking about getting the pool floaty kind that my nephews sometimes wear in the pool. As you will notice in the next example, walking has never been one of my strengths.

Taking flight

Below is a picture of the "plonge," the area where we wash the dishes. Tonight I was entering this area and well, my feet didn't quite make the step.

I had pretty good speed entering the dish room, which made the stumble that much more spectacular! I finally regained composure at the black trash can pictured above, a good 5 feet into the room. So, to make the event seem somewhat "planned" I went for the gymnast finish, arms straight up and body perfectly aligned. There were several witnesses to this event and they proceeded to rate my performance. I received a 7.5 and an 8.5. I was a little disppointed with the score from the American judge, I think he was trying to appear impartial.

That concludes this episode of "Typical Michelle Moments." Stay tuned as I'm sure there will be more.