Friday the 13th

My birthday started off late because I took full advantage of a good sleep. For breakfast I enjoyed a delicious butterscotch krimpet tastykake shipped over from PA by my sister-in-law. Then I cleaned

some bathrooms at the Chateau. Truly a clean celebration!

Kristen made me an incredible lunch of apple dumplings. After consuming all of that "fat" we decided to head out for a biking adventure. Here are some of the sights from our 10 mile bike ride


We crossed over the steele bridge above and made our way along the stone path pictured on the right.

And the path continues...

bringing us to a marina in Pont de Vaux.

Around the town of Pont de Vaux...

I concluded my bike tour with a little jumping (notice the sweet air).

The real partying began later in the evening with dinner at a local French restaurant in Macon. We got to the restaurant shortly after 7PM and they told us that they weren't ready to begin serving the meal yet. So we waited at the table for about 15 minutes before they were ready to give us menus

(very French, as we were a little to early for dinner).

Notice the crawfish in the left corner... I'm pretty sure he tried to grab me a few times during dinner.

And to top dinner off we enjoyed a cream cake with fruit on top.

I forgot to take a picture before I cut into it, and no one was willing to give their piece back so I could take the picture.

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