I've arrived!

Just a quick blog to let you know that I have arrived in France. It has been such a long day plus some hours. I left Lancaster at 1:30 EST on the 18th and arrived at the Chateau at about 4:30 EST on the 19th with not too much sleep in between. I also managed to take a cold with me from Lancaster, so that has not made for pleasant travels. At one point on the descent to Madrid I thought my ears might explode, you will be happy to know they did not and no blood came pouring out (that would have cause so many more problems for me!).

I was able to spend several hours wandering (quite literally) the streets of Madrid. And I must add a plug here for High School Spanish classes, all these years later... well worth it and I wish I would have remembered more. But I was able to get the three of us around the city and even managed to purchase some cold medicine for me at a local pharmacy. The people of Madrid were quite helpful and even tolerated my ill-pronounced words (sorry Jen H. and Laura).

Pictures from around Madrid:

The park bench that I tried to sleep on, but was noticing too many stares from passer-byers. No I wasn't laying full out, just trying to lean on the arm rest.

The only real travel issue was when we arrived at Lyon, France there was no one there to pick us up. We waited for about 45mins. and still no one came. So I got out my cell phone, which thankfully works in foreign countries and dialed the missionaries. Some how they thought we were coming in on Wednesday, oops! Oh well, we sat in the Lyon airport and watched to locals as they looked at us with our feet propped up and trying to nap. I even took the opportunity to floss... good dental hygiene is a must especially after hours of neglect.

Thank you for all of your prayers, please keep them coming! I will update you on the living situation and the Chateau property tomorrow when there is daylight and I have had some much needed sleep!