A day around town!

After working for 6 days straight cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, and doing various other projects around the Chateau, it was nice to have a day off. I haven't written about the work, because who really wants to see pictures of me making beds (unless something stupid happens, of course), but just in case you were wondering I have been working! We are going to have groups here for 5 weeks straight, so I will be working hard until the end of October when we get a respite. So to make the most of our "day off" we decided to sleep in and then visit the town of Macon.

Some of the sights around Macon!

I love all of the local flower shops!

The town is so quaint. I wish Lancaster city had shops like this lining the streets. That could be a new goal of mine:-) Anyone care to throw in the funds?

I found these carved bushes in Macon. It makes me wish I had my bike here, and create my own Tour du France (being from the same home town as Floyd, I'm sure it would go over really well!). There are some hybrids at the Chateau that we have used a few times to explore the area. I have to keep my legs in shape if I'm going to do a century ride someday soon (you rock, Pam!).

Our off road biking adventure...

I'm really skilled at riding with one hand!

The road just goes and goes... a little bumpy though! I was looking for some sweet jumps, but on one side was an electric fence and the other side was the river (nope, just wasn't worth the story!).

Oh, in case you were wondering, today I returned to the post office (without Amy this time) and got the correct amount of stamps!! Yahoo! I was also able to get bread while in town. I'm trying, I must admit that a spanish word jumps in there every now and again! Now I can be partially lingual in three languages (English, French, and Spanish). Yes, I said English, I have a tongue disorder and my words don't always come out right... you really shouldn't laugh at the handicaps of others.