My turn to give a tour...

Laura and Amy arrived safely, but minus a few pieces of luggage (more on this saga later). It was now my turn to be a tour guide and take them around the Burgundy Valley. We went to Macon on Saturday and did some shopping. Then we went to an Indian restaurant for dinner (not French, but very good!). Sunday we went to Cluny and enjoyed the drive through the countryside. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

They were amazed by the "regular" sized coffees.

I was not pleased with this picture because my grey hair was shining through. Laura brought my hair dye, but it was in her suitcase that still hadn't arrived from the airport.

Here I'm trying to tilt my head up so that the grey hair isn't as noticable, I think I went a bit far.

Problem solved!

The views continue to amaze me!

The ride back to the Chateau.