The next adventure awaits...

It has been a few months since I have updated the blog. I believe I mentioned in a former post that perhaps I was going to do better about updating the blog with random stories... ah, yeah that hasn't happened. What is it about the best laid intentions?

After returning from Switzerland, Laura and I took our cross-country trip (the first week of September when gas prices were approaching $4 - great timing:-). I'm very glad that we seized the opportunity, besides I got to increase my states-visited list.

Since returning I have managed to keep myself busy building a deck with my father, painting his house, babysitting for friends and family, trying to write a book (not as quick as it looks), working odd jobs, and looking for my next career move.

In March, I enrolled in an emergency teacher certification training to be a substitute teacher. This process involved lots of paperwork, several background checks, and individual school board approval. I passed the "test!" It's been an interesting adventure these last few weeks. I've been called Mrs. Deller, rescued a class from a toilet explosion, and was corrected by 2nd graders.

School is almost out, so it's the perfect time for another blogging travel segment. I have three purposes for this trip: 1) get my sister, Crista, to experience another culture 2) visit my friend living in this country and 3) continue my love for traveling and helping others. So in July, Crista and I are traveling to Indonesia to help with Creative Art classes in several Mustard Seed schools. This trip is going to be a lot different than my more recent travels, but I'm excited to jump into another cultural setting.

Stay tuned for trip updates!!