It's a heat wave!

It's a heat wave!

The heat on Saturday was just too much. I managed to mow the backyard and weed the flower beds, but it was just too hot to continue to the front yard. So when Tabitha mentioned a trip to MomMom's for a swim I just couldn't pass up the chance to stay cool in the heat.

Isaac prefers the lazy river. He's a man of leisure!

Nathan on the other hand is a ragging rapids man. Here he is riding a "seahorse." He is still learning how to paddle around with his mouth closed.

I would have to classify Caleb as a log flume man. He likes the slow steady predictability of the flume with a possible big ending (as long as daddy is right there with him).

Joshua is a distance swimmer. He liked to swim from the shallow end to the deep end and back again.

Now it's time for the big kids to show their stuff...

Can you tell which one had gymnastic lessons?

I was able to catch Laura mid-flip.

Nice face!!

Time to cage the swimmers.

Crista had a grad party to attend so she couldn't join us for the pool portion of the day. Her fun was taking the scooter out for a spin to get the mail. The battery started to die so she had to walk it the rest of the way, kind of defeats the purpose.