New member of the family!

New member of the family!

Our Easter tradition of going to MomMom's with about 30 people crammed into the kitchen and living room was interrupted this year by the birth of a new member of our family. Isaac wasn't sure that he wanted to come on Sunday (ya know, being a day that we are to focus on Jesus and everything), but at 9:37pm he finally made it into the big scary world.

I headed to Steve and Tabitha's on Thursday night in anticipation of Isaac's arrival. I was there so long that Joshua asked when I was going to leave and Nathan told me on several occasions to leave him alone. I think I made up for the "too much time with Aunt Michelle" by having a wild Easter egg hunt and doing really good impersonations.

Here are some pictures of Isaac and his brothers. Nathan made sure to tell everyone to be "gentle for the baby."

Caleb was getting his first look at Isaac.

The gang... it's going to be fun!

Nathan thought that Isaac was very sweet!

Grandpa is just so happy that the family name will not die out.

The boys were enthralled with their new brother.

Isaac is already being entertained by his brothers.

Welcome to the family Isaac. We are very excited that you are here and healthy. We love you very much already, and that's just after knowing you for like 2 hrs... just wait until we know you longer!