Trip to the city with Mom and Laura

I had to go to the city for a work project, so Laura and Mom came with me. We decided to make a weekend of it and stay over. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Cafe Lalo - anyone see the movie

You've Got Mail


Enjoying our tea/coffee and desserts.

A stroll through Central Park on our way from the west side to the east side.

Once on the east side we visited the Guggenheim Museum. We couldn't take pictures of the rest of the collection of Cai Guo-Qiang, but here is the first exhibit.

Finally our room for the night.

Laura started to get sick while we were in the city, and only got worse when we got home on Saturday night. Here is a story of what followed our return home.

I went with Steve and Tabitha (and two kids, the other two were home sick) to Shippensburg on Monday night. Tabitha was asked to speak on being a stay at home mom and the impact she feels it has had on her kids. Tabitha's sister-in-law, Gail, is taking grad classes and asked Tabitha to speak. I went along to visit my alma mater.

Well, while we are pulling onto campus… Steve gets a call from my mom but when he answers no one is on the line. So he calls back and no answer. Then he tries my mom's cell, no answer. Then he calls my dad's cell and Crista answered. Turns out that while my mom was dialing Steve my dad passed out and fell forward onto the kitchen table where he had been sitting. Mom had hung up from her call with Steve and dialed 911, while Laura stroked my dad's arm and kept calling his name. When Dad fell forward he knocked over his glass of water, and when he finally woke up (after about 15-20 sec.) he said "What's going on? Who knocked over the water?" He had just finished taking his temperature and had a fever; he had been feeling sick all day, which hopefully explains his "check out." The paramedics came and checked all of his vitals and stuff. They wanted to take him in, but Dad refused. I really hope that he stays healthy as he ages, because I'm not going to put up with a stubborn old man. I have an arsenal of ideas for dealing with him if he doesn't cooperate (I hope you are reading DAD!).

I told him that I'm going to get him a helmet and a sippy cup so he doesn't make such a mess at the kitchen table. I asked Mom if she offered some of her soup that Dad had eaten for dinner to the medics, because apparently it was a real "knock out!" Yeah, I had bad jokes that entire night and they have continued. Dad has started a round of tests and until they come back clear, he is not allowed to drive (which came as quite a shock). He is really excited to follow mom to her hair appointment tomorrow before he heads to the doctors for his heart monitor. Augh, memories of the license-less days!

Never a dull moment!