NYC Cruise with Joe

On Friday, September 7, my father and I convened in NYC for a cruise around Manhattan with former NY Jets player, Joe Namath. I was up in the city for two days for work and got to meet Joe on Friday afternoon. So I did manage to get an autograph for my dad; otherwise, I don't really have any "proof" as it were that we even saw Joe, but trust me he was on board. There were lots of BIG FANS on board and they kept Joe (and his people) very busy. The trip was not a waste, however, we took full advantage of the views of the city and tried to capture them with... you guessed it Crista's camera.

Our transportation around the island.

The dining room... complete with good food.

I finally caught my dad's alter ego.

Former NY Jet's player, Joe Namath... or just someone that used to look like him.

Here begins the attempts to capture the city lights.


let's just call it art!

A picture from the inside of the boat.

We cruised right past the Statue of Liberty.

Here we are with Lady Liberty between us!

Dad grabbed the life jacket and I was concerned that he was going to jump...

I went to his rescue just in time.