Sand, Sun, and Fun!

This past weekend I headed to the beach for my first mini vacation of the summer. I had a great time with the sisters and rents, which was aided by good weather and sand. Here are some pics that we captured along the way.

We loaded the Jetta with 3 bikes and headed for the beach. Every 30 miles or so I would yell "BIKE CHECK," this meant Laura would open the sunroof window and proceed to count the bikes. Laura just got a bike and we couldn't wait to ride together.

Even the rents joined us for a 4-mile round trip trek to the corner market for brunch.

Unlike my father, I'm out to win fashion shows with my bike wear... everything must match and if possible coordinate with the bike! Dad and I had a little discussion about his attire and he told me that fashion shows are not on his list of accomplishments... shocking!

Laura decided to teach Crista how to do a handstand.

I think gravity is a little harder on those over 5'8"...

cause there was a thud every time she went down.

We went to Rehoboth for the evening... must have Grotto's pizza, Thrasher fries, and Kohr Bros. frozen custard when at Rehoboth!

Lessons from the beach:

1 - Just because you are at a public beach doesn't mean that you won't be asked to move your stuff for a beach wedding at your exact spot.

2 - Not everyone chooses a bathing suit for how good they look in it.

3 - Sports scores are just a text message away.

4 - Dad at the beach = sunglasses in the ocean.

5 - Moving around in the dark can be very dangerous.

6 - Beaches are FUN!