Labor day weekend

Laura and I volunteered to take 3 of the little people on Friday night for a sleepover at our house. We have done several of these and always come away with great stories.

Friday evening we loaded them up in the mini van and headed for one of our favorite hiking spots, Tucquan Glen. This is an adventurous hike along the Tucquan stream, complete with a small waterfall and rock climbing. Nathan and I partnered for the hike, which I'm not sure was the best idea to put two "trippers" together. Needless to say, we each took our turn at falling; mine just turned out to be slightly worse (actually drew blood). My one foot slipped down the dirt hill, while I was trying to help Nathan over some slippery rocks. That knee caught the brunt of the fall with my other foot remaining planted on the top of the hill, basically sending me into a half split. We survived the rest of the 2.1 mile hike, although Laura and I gained monkeys on our backs for half of the hike. Nathan was so thirsty that he started sucking the sweat off my shoulder... that will be a fun memory to retell when he's older.

Here we are at the end of the hike letting the boys fully enjoy the water! It wasn't nearly as dark as the camera makes it appear.

Drying off, before a picnic dinner in the van!

Saturday morning we started off playing at the playground near my house. Everything was going well until I decided to chase Joshua. I ran up the sliding board and thought I ducked low enough to avoid the plastic arch at the top of the slide... well not quite. I nailed my head square into the arch and still have a headache and small bump 10 hours later. I decided this playground wasn't safe, so we headed to the county park for another short hike.

Exhausted, we return to grandma and grandpa's to meet mommy and daddy.