Making the most of the Memorial weekend

Making the most of the Memorial weekend

What a great Memorial Holiday weekend... beautiful weather, wonderful family, and excellent activities. We started the fun with ice cream and mini golfing. The boys were so excited about the mini golfing that they could hardly contain themselves.

Here is Team 2 - the old people. Special note on Dad's tshirt, I won the tshirt at a Jets pre-game event and since it was an xl I gave it to dad. I had no idea that the Geico caveman would be worn in public (the caveman kind of creeps me out).

Team 1 - the young ones. I believe we have some future professional golfers in the mix.

The fun continued on Monday with at least a mile hike along the Millstream.

We found a hollowed out tree big enough for all three of the boys to fit through.

The tree also had a hole on the other side, great for peering out!

Even the big kids wanted to try the trick.

Nathan wasn't too sure about tree climbing.

Caleb didn't mind the heights as long as grandpa kept his hand close by (notice the hairy thing in the bottom right).

Caleb is a great candidate for a photo shoot.

Grandpa told the boys about his days as a teenager spent fishing perched under a covered bridge. He and his brothers would climb down on the cross beam and sit with their heads above the road and their feet and poles dangling towards the water. He said they did it mostly to watch the reactions of cars as they drove through the covered bridge and just saw heads along the side. Hopefully the boys don't follow grandpa's ways too closely!

Isaac couldn't stay the distance. At the end of the day we logged over 3 miles, through forest and city sidewalks, but the memories made will be carried much farther.