Life Between Travels

Since returning from Europe and the US road trip I've been keeping busy with some design work, manual labor, taking my aunt status to a new level, and reconnecting with some friends. I have a few worthwhile stories, otherwise nothing too thrilling.

Not too long after returning Laura and I hosted a sleepover for the 4 little people. I tried to make them a tent in the basement using an old sheet and duct tape, but it came down a few hours into "sleeping." At least the initial effort was exciting enough to make these three monkeys want to sleep in the basement. In the past they have slept on my floor (seriously I'm too old to be giving up my bed) but inevitably someone yells out in their sleep which doesn't work for this light sleeper. So Isaac gets the 3rd bedroom and the other three the basement. I'm going to have to work on my tent making skills for the next time.

Nathan is now 4 years old. He told me the other day when I was getting on to him about something that "It's not all about you! It's all about God!" Ever since he has started uttering words, he has used them in a very funny and creative way. I hope he never loses his art, it just needs a little discipline every now and again.

While I was in Switzerland my dad started a little deck project. Seeing as he has helped me through a kitchen floor, a "minor" bathroom remodel, and a clothes dryer problem, I owed him some labor. I'm not sure if my labor or my cordless drill were more helpful, especially since now that I think about it, he still has my drill. I mostly did screw installation which wore a hole in my thumb. I had to get the fingerless glove that I wear for riding bike to provide a little more padding on the thumb. There are just a few more jobs to be completed before the project is finished. Maybe if we light enough candles for warmth we can actually sit out on a fall night and enjoy the deck with the new lights.

Here is our caged supervisor. He really enjoyed the dirt and saw dust created by this project.

This past weekend Laura and I, along with our host, the Haydenator, went to the Body Tour at the Whitaker Center. It was disturbing and interesting all at the same time. I had to hang on to Laura several times during the display because of the graphic nature of the content and my "blood aversion" condition. The displays looked like plastic, but still it was gross.

Isaac and I have been bonding over the last several weeks. He has accompanied me on several shopping trips, which he thoroughly enjoys. He is a great companion and provides me with lots of laughs. On our last trip he was grabbing clothing tags and holding them up to his face, like they were phones or something. We went for a morning milk run and I was having trouble finding my gift card for the purchase. The lady behind the counter said that's what happens when you have kids, you never know where anything is. I must really be in a sad state, since I don't even have kids... just borrowed ones.

He looks so old in this picture. He liked looking at himself on the camera screen. Whenever he saw this picture he would bark because of the dog on his shirt.

Isaac had his very own sleepover this week. I think he enjoyed himself. He seemed to like laying his head on the steps and playing with his truck, doesn't really look too comfortable.