Spiderman birthday party!

Spiderman birthday party!

It's hard to believe that my oldest nephew is now 7 yrs. old. We met at a park on Sunday to celebrate his aging and in typical boy fashion we had a super hero party. I told Joshua that I was not going to eat a cake of spiders and webs, he didn't think that was too funny.

I think the candle should have shot out a web after the fire was blown out... now that would have been cool.

This is how I arrived to the party. I was in charge of bike transportation and with the rainy morning I decided to try to remain dry while getting the bike to the pavilion. And not to be outdone...

Steve joined me in the miniature bike riding.

Nice! Poor middle child always getting picked on by the big kids.

Birthday boy in his glory.

Even Isaac got in on the fun...

I love this picture.

Those moving at a slower pace almost got run over by the kids as they lapped the park.

The younger two were ready and willing to aid in the gift opening.

This is a sweet picture.

The next few shots are of us trying to be creative...