My last hike in Switzerland...

Our last hike with Fabienne... very sad. This was an easy hike compared to some of the others, for the most part just a gradual ascent to our lookout point.

One of the boys from Russia is not a fan of walking, today he told me he is the laziest boy around... not too hard to believe. On last week's hike he brought a spray can of water, and would spray his face throughout the hike. It was the funniest thing ever. I'm laughing even as I type it was so funny. On this hike, because of a misunderstanding about a project we were working on at the chalet, he had a large rock that he was kicking down the road (which he didn't need). So I look back to see where he is and all I see was him kicking the rock, while trying to pull his jeans up that had fallen below his underwear, all-the-while yelling to me about something or other. I've told him several times that he needs to purchase a belt, but he won't listen. I can't stop laughing every time I picture the scene. I would have taken a picture, but I don't think it would have been appropriate.

Our mode of transportation for the excursions. It's a VW... makes me miss mine.

We stopped at this cabin to have a picnic. Fabienne brought sausages and bananas with chocolate for the grill.

Just to the south of the cabin there was this lookout over the valley.

This tower was our destination.

The lift. I went up with the first batch of kids. It was a glass elevator to the top. Once on the top there was a large platform with observation decks. There are always a few kids in every bunch that are not fearful of heights and test all of the limits. I was so nervous... being the exact opposite.

It was really hazy so not many of the pictures are worth seeing, but the view was spectacular.

Yep, holding on for dear life. It was windy up there too, which never helps when I'm already nervous about falling off.