The bathroom incident!

The bathroom incident!
You can't travel overseas without having some crazy encounter with the bathroom. Well now that I think of it, maybe it's just me... I am the one that took 8 months to complete a bathroom remodel which had plenty of off the wall (pun intended) encounters. Any way I digress, I went into the bathroom to empty out my contact case and as I was spinning the lid it whirled off the contact case and, you guessed it, right into the drain. Which happens to be a hole big enough for the lid to fit nicely into.

Not to worry, I run to my room to find two long objects for which to use to retrieve the lid. The only things that I can find that are long enough are... an eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner pencil. I head back into the bathroom convinced that my tools will do the job. The lid has nicely fallen on the little knob that is part of the stopper. So in I go with the tools but instead of retrieving the lid I end up pushing it down further.

I refuse to give up, so I go downstairs to find two paint brushes just perfect for the job. I almost had the lid, when it flipped and was now completely blocking the drain. Nicely done! So I run downstairs telling the guys about my problem and Rob goes on a search for pliers, while I head back to the bathroom.

The "u" portion of the pipe pops right off. I then begin to try to muscle the connector piece off and with a little bit of work I get in loose. Life would be grand if the lid would just fall out, but as things would go it is too big to fit through. So I grab my paint brush and push the lid up while trying to clamp it with the other brush coming in from the top. All is going well until I get near the top of the sink. Apparently in whatever year the thing was built they put these slats in the sink, just enough room for a lid to fit in. Now the lid is trapped in the sink, seriously I don't know how these things happen.

Back down the stairs I head to tell Rob not to worry about the pliers because I have solved that problem, but have created a bigger one. With the aid of my tweezers and much finagling, Rob is able to capture the lid and bring it to the surface. I put the sink back together and all is good. Now I'm extra careful when I'm around the sink, as everyone should be.