Bathroom remodel - Take 100482323

So about the beginning of June I decided to tackle my bathroom and bring it from the 1950's to the present. Well time travel has never been easy... as I'm discovering with the entrance into my 30's, and I'm learning also applies to houses. What I optimistically thought (more like insanely thought) I could do in a week has turned into a multiple month project. I'm still not done, but I thought I would share the journey with you and keep you in suspense of the final outcome. I hope the end is in sight! I think the end will be worth it... if nothing else I've expanded my power tool usage list and my creativity for designing around problems.

1950's preserved

Even the toilet was date stamped 1950! And judging from the inside of the tank, I'd have to agree.

Idea #1 - Paint the tile

Oh yeah, the floor had to be pulled up because there was water damage (probably happened during Agnes!). That alone took me a week!

You'll notice that the paint doesn't seem to be on all the tiles (in this picture or the previous one), well that's because it didn't adhere! Yeah, that took about three weeks to discover. Thank goodness it worked on the bathtub.

Idea #2 - Remove the tile

It was either remove the tile or scrap off all of the white paint... guess which one involved power tools!

Boy was that a lot of fun! Messy, but fun!

Idea #3 - Dry wall

That's all of the pictures I have for now. The drywall is done and painted. The toilet is in and that's about it. I have run into a few snags along the way that have hampered progress. But the good news is... I'm back living at my house with indoor plumbing! I'll keep you posted on the progress!