July 4th - My 4 city tour!

It's been a while since I've had a blog worthy story. Ya know given the start of this blog, I have trouble finding stories that have the same picture wow! Well the last two weeks have taken me on several driving trips totaling over 2,500 miles and to 4 different city Independence Day celebrations.

I kicked off my city tour in Detroit, MI with their Rhythm & Rhyme celebration. Drove 10 hours (including stops for food and release) to give out just a few samples of ice cream, but got to see some really good fireworks shot off from three barges. So three days, 1,000 + miles, and glimpse into life in another state.

I managed to fit Harrisburg fireworks in before the next big trip. A few days later, I headed back onto the PA Turnpike to join Columbus, OH in their Red, White, & Boom celebration. The highlight of these trips to various cities is the cuisine that we get to sample. Columbus brought many options, but a Mongolian BBQ was a must stop for us. Red, White, & Boom boasts the best fireworks in the mid-west and I'd have to agree! We were so busy during this event, but did manage to sneak some pictures. The best part of this trip was getting to see my friends Kelly & Jon... I miss you!

Picture of the crowd gathering for Red, White, Boom in Columbus!

The day after I got back from Columbus, I returned to the PA Turnpike to head to Cleveland. I now have a love/hate relationship with the turnpike. For this trip Laura was able to come along and be my assistant for a little pie assembly segment that I did for the local Fox news station.

The segment was shot in front of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. I had about a minute to talk about assembling a pie with THD lemon duetto ice cream. There was a special guest that showed up, complete with body guards and a marketing agent. Problem was... we had no idea who he was and why the "extra" protection. Do you recognize the guy on the far left?

Any ideas?

Here I am in action for the camera!

Does the painting give you any hints?

It's Brady Quinn the 1st round draft pick for the Cleveland Browns. I was able to teach him about cooking with ice cream... all in a minute!

Finally, it was time to return home and not leave for a long time. The car ride home was a little torturous at times.

Laura was mesmerized by the road.

I was ready to be done driving!

My other project lately, besides traveling, has been remodeling my bathroom. Once I finish I'll post the before and afters!