ah, paris!

Paris is AMAZING! We are having so much fun making our way around the city. We arrived on Monday and made our way to our hotel. Thank the Lord we didn't have the extra bags of luggage because we could barely make it with the 5 pieces that we did have. Our hotel is in a great location and we have a rather large room for Paris standards. The gentleman that checked us in has been very funny and has given us some good pointers to restaurants. It has rained every day, Monday was the worst. Tuesday and Wednesday the rain held off until the evening. We have done lots of laughing and are making some good memories. We have tried to document some of them with pictures. So here goes...

Heading out for our first look at Paris!

The Arc de Triomphe is right down the street from our hotel.

We headed to the Eiffel Tower even though it was raining and cloudy.

We had enough of the rain and had to head to a cafe. We ended the night at a great French restaurant around the corner.