Day 2 & 3: More sights and stories from Paris.

Day 2 & 3: More sights and stories from Paris.

I've have had some technical difficulty and almost thought that my laptop cord had fried, long story but I'm back online and updating you on the last few days. I should say online courtesy of a neighbor that doesn't have their wireless blocked, otherwise the hotel charges about $12 for two hours. So, I'm cozied up to the window and have my laptop tilted just right, and CONNECTION!

Continue on for the highlights of the last two days...

A much brighter day!

This is what it should look like when the sun is out!

We spent the day riding on the top of the tour bus and capturing the sights!

We decided not to try out.

I'm sure this looks familiar.

I'm not sure what was going through their mind, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

We found Starbucks! Then we did something so American, we walked out of the store with our drinks in hand, instead of sitting down and finishing them.

The lights are on!!!

Then the twinkle lights came on... truly spectacular!


The luggage finally arrived on late Monday night for Amy, and early in the morning on Tuesday for Laura. So here she is sporting new clothes for our Wednesday outing, finally! Also, notice that I have no more grey hair today!

Here we are back on the bus for another ride around the city.

We can't get enough of the Eiffel Tower, so we decided to go to the top today.

At the top! I don't do so well with heights, so I had to back up to get this close to the edge. They made a video of me hiding in the corner and were making fun of me, it was very hurtful. I did walk the entire way around the top though!

Laura was making friends with the restaurant staff at lunch.

When our waiter brought Amy her coffee, he tilted the cup and Amy thought he was going to spill it all over her. So she jumped and push the table to get away from what she thought was going to be hot coffee on her lap. Well the waiter was just kidding and actually had an empty cup.

The results of Amy's excitement... when she pushed the table my tea went flying out of my cup and all over the table. I had no idea what was happening because I was busy trying to find my sugar. It was a surprise for everyone, including the rest of the restaurant.

We stopped for a photo shoot. Finally people to join me in the "fake background" pictures!

Off to the Louvre for more fun!

The edited version of the Venus de Milo. This is a family site, ya know!

The Napoleon III Apartment at the Louvre.

I need to work on my dinning room. It just doesn't have the same feel.

Off to Versailles tomorrow!