Arrived in Tanzania

We headed to the Addis Abba airport early this morning unsure what would await us. Surprisingly it was an easy entry into airport and to our gate. 

The two hour flight passed quickly as I chatted with my seat-mates. I love hearing about how others journey through life. I met a lady that moved from Germany to Kenya four years ago to operate a small hotel on the coast. This was her 44th trip to Kenya over the last 30 years or so. I'm told Kenya needs to be my next African destination, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind if a few of you made it your next destination as well. I also met a young Kenyan man of 20 that works in Dubai as a life guard. As the oldest male in his family (and no father involved) he is responsible to send 50% of his wages back to his family. What a diverse world we live in. Lots of opportunities to provide perspective on our own situations.

We are enjoying our lodge and some much needed rest to adjust to the timezone before heading out on safari. I like Tanzania already!! As we drove from the airport to the lodge we passed by a clouded over Mt Kilimanjaro. Our driver said it was clouded because we weren't supposed to be scared. He was a former porter and guide and gave us 3 tips for climbing: slow, water, and positive attitude. I think we might be able to handle those three!

View of our lodge below.