African Safari - Day One

We loaded up two trucks and headed out from the lodge through Arusha town towards the Tarangire. I asked our driver if I could ride an elephant. He said I could only ride a small elephant and he would find me one (only joking of course). We saw quite a list of animals: lion, elephant, monkey, baboon, dik-dik, giraffe, cheetah, zebra, antelope, buffalo, and colorful birds. We have a promise of more animals to come!


At lunch we sat at a picnic area overlooking the valley and could see all kinds of animals off in the distance. Up close and personal, however, were the baboons and monkey waiting for unsuspecting guests and opportunities to steal box lunches. They successfully grabbed two from other groups while we were eating. I stayed standing to eat, so I could throw a leg if necessary.


After safari in Tarangire we drove 2 hrs up into a mountain and back a long and winding dirty road to our "tents." These tents sit on raised wood perches overlooking the hillside; it's a breathtakingly beautiful view. There was a slight hitch when we arrived, no water. Earlier in the day a herd of elephants destroyed part of the water line. They had ordered a water truck, but it hadn't arrived yet. It's not everyday that elephants have thwarted my plans for a shower.

What a surreal experience this has been thus far. So excited for what awaits us tomorrow!