Climbing mountains

Climbing mountains

Thursday was scheduled as an outing with a lady that lives in the town just down the mountain from Caux. She is an esthetician and trains people in running, as well as an excursion planner for the Chalet. The hike today was intense but the kids did really well. The six year old and I were hand-in-hand the entire way up the 400 meter vertical climb. The entire hike had to be at least a mile, but the effort to get up the mountain was well worth it. I'm sure the pictures will back me up on this point. So far each of her excursions have been to different places in the surrounding area and from what I'm told they are all equally beautiful. I can't wait for the next three!

We had to stop on the way to the hiking destination because one of the boys was car sick, so here is a quick shot from our stop.

The trail looked like this for most of the way. Luckily I was having a sure-footed day!

This was our final destination, a lake nestled in between all of these mountains. Simply gorgeous. Lac de Taney

Add me for another studio picture backdrop.

Some of my fellow hikers. These are three of the girls that are here this week.

I zoomed in on the top of one of the mountains and found these crosses. Apparently in Switzerland they put crosses on top of every mountain.

Find the face in the mountain. There were several of us that thought there was an old ladies face in this mountain. Do you agree?

Hopefully this provides a little perspective. We drove through part of this valley and then up the mountain to a parking area, starting our hike part way up the mountain.

I found this view from a website, which gives a better idea of where we were hiking. The lake is in the middle, we would have hiked through the "lower" portion on the right of the lake.