Reverse culture shock...

Someone recently asked if I stayed in Paris since my blog postings stopped. Well I wish it were so, but I have nonetheless returned to the States. Gertrude Stein said that "America is my country, but Paris is my hometown." I could easily see how she could say this. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Paris and wished it could have been slightly longer. However, it is good to be back in my own bed and, of course, get hugs from the little people (as I affectionately call my nephews). Speaking of the little people, they were at the airport to greet me!!! Along with my mom and sister-in-law, also a special appearance by former little person (now turned very tall person) Crista!

We stopped at P.F. Chang's on the way home for some excellent Chinese food. Joshua was finding new uses for the chopsticks.

Caleb found the chopsticks to be useful drumsticks.

Nathan was his usual funny self and had us all laughing (including the server). I can't believe how much more he is talking, my favorite word of his is "grandpa."

The first day back I went to the grocery store and was weirded out because I could actually understand everyone and I nearly said "bonjour" to every person that greeted me. I also had to laugh when I found myself eating at the "wrong" times. I'm still getting used to life back on this side of the ocean.

I have made two french meals for friends and family since being back (Tartiflette and Poulet a la creme). More meal requests wait for the near future. I'm back working at the Hill. I have also had a root canal, put up my Christmas tree, done some Christmas shopping, got my car inspected, raked my leaves, weeded my back flower bed, started ripping up my kitchen floor, and finished going through the giant stack of mail that piled up-- all within the last week of being home! Nothing like hitting the ground running. I hope to make it around to those living close and show you the pictures that didn't make the blog cut, those living outside the general Lancaster area may have to be satisfied with the blog pictures (don't worry these are some of the best pictures).

I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas! Stayed tuned to the blog for more pictures and stories... as I hope to be heading back to France in January for a few weeks. More details on this trip as they become available.

SPECIAL THANKS: As you may notice there is sharp decrease in the number of photos in this post. That's because Crista took my, I mean, her camera back. A very LOUD shout-out to Crista for allowing me to take her camera for those 9-weeks. The blog would have been boring without the pictures! Love you Crista!