Only a month to go...

I can hardly believe that in a month I will be boarding a plane and heading to France. I purchased my airline ticket the other day; I had to go through lots of steps to get it done, but what a relief to have it purchased. I'm excited because we (Kristen, who is joining me at the chateau - also from Lancaster) will have a 10hr layover in Madrid. I'm very excited to be able to tour Madrid and use my Spanish!

I have a lot to do before I head out. Next week I'm traveling to Buffalo, NY to promote the Bill's official ice cream and to give out tickets to Saturday's game.

I'm looking forward to attending the game as well (the challenging part of the job!). Then I head back to Buffalo over Labor Day weekend for a Wing Festival. After Buffalo, I'm heading directly to NYC for a Jet's promotion. I'm taking it easy the next week, before heading to the Meadowlands for a Jet's game (don't think I will be seeing any of this game) -- which happens to be the day before I fly to France. Crazy I know, but the dollar is only 3/4 of the Euros - so I have to make up for the deficiency in the $$ while I can!

I received a funding update today and I have received 20% of the total funds needed. Thank you to everyone that has contributed. If you would like to contribute towards the chateau's expenses to have me come over, please email me and I will send you the contribution form.