Collecting tickets

Lately I have been attending events that require tickets (or in some cases following the right person through the gates). Luckily I have been able to take Crista's camera with me to several of the events to capture the moments. I really must get a camera for myself!

A few weeks ago, Laura and I took our grandmother to a Josh Groban concert for her 77th birthday. It was so hard not to sing along with him.

We had a grand time, even though we nearly got nose bleeds from the climb to our seats.

Here is a view from the top. Good thing that sound travels.

The camera zoom can't even get close enough to see him clearly.

Phillies game vs the Dodgers

(it was cold that morning... really it was!) Our seats were perfect for foul ball collecting. A ball was hit several rows behind us, the guy trying to catch the ball flipped over the seats head first and managed to miss the ball. This sent the ball rolling and me searching for the ball under my seat. I missed it by one seat over... blast! The guy was okay in case you were wondering.

Bills vs Titans game in Buffalo

Paula, my friend for more years that I care to admit, was able to join me for the trip.

Our view of the game... which included cushioned seats, air condition, and food!!