These boots were made for hiking... Ahnu Montara!

Sore feet from poorly fit shoes are the worst when on an adventure of any kind. Some shoes just have a long break-in period, others simply don't work for your foot configuration. When heading off on a short or long-distance trek, proper footwear is essential.

For my trek to the roof of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro, a friend gifted me a pair of Ahnu Montara boots. I did no research on the boots before getting them. I picked my exact size and favorite color from the selection and hit the order button. I don't recommend this as a method for choosing boots for an important trek up a mountain, but I did know several others that used Ahnu boots for similar excursions. 

Ahnu Montara Boots

Ahnu Montara Boots

One of the benefits of Ahnus, I was told, was zero break-in time. So right out of the box I headed out for a hike, and another hike, and another hike, and I didn't stop because the boots were perfect! No blisters, no hot spots, they just worked like you want boots to work.  

I hiked the rugged trails of the PA portion of the Appalachian Trail, four - 14ers in Colorado, and to the top of Kilimanjaro without any issues. The boots are now showing some wear, but they are still a great, lightweight boot. 

Two things to point out with the Ahnu Montara boot. One they have a thin sole, so I added a thin insert for added comfort and cushion from the rocks of PA. Two, they are not the best in wet conditions. I've slipped a few times on wet rocks (nothing major). I guess the trade-off for lightweight boots is tread without goat-like traction.

If I had to choose boots all over again, I pick Anhu Montara for their lightweight comfort. 

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*No benefit received from Ahnu for this review, just my honest opinion from hiking in these boots from 2014 through 2016 (and beyond)!