Costa Rica is Meant for Adventure

Costa Rica is a playground for adventurous activities. You can certainly go and sit on the beach for a week, but you'll be missing out on all this wonderful country has to offer. I organized a trip to Costa Rica for a group of 6 people in October 2015. Because of the logistics of getting everyone from point A to point B, I chose to have one home base for the week from which we would venture. If I was traveling with a smaller group, I would definitely recommend hitting up several different areas of Costa Rica.

Traveling in October, meant we were heading to Costa Rica during the rainy season, also known as the Green Season. I found the Green Season to be great for a few reasons:

  1. It was cheaper.
  2. Less crowds.
  3. While this one was not usual, we only had rain one day and that was when we were white water rafting and prone to getting wet anyway.
  4. Greener and more lush vegetation.
  5. Less dusty from what I heard from others that traveled in April.

Our home base was Tamarindo. Known as a surfers paradise, Tamarindo is a cute town with more than just surfing. There are shops and great restaurants to add to the list of things to do. One thing to note if traveling there in October, because it is the slow season there were a few restaurants that decided to close for the month. A cute looking restaurant with swings lining the porch was one of the closed restaurants we wish we could have tried.

Using Tamarindo as a base worked well for getting to kayak, snorkel, white water raft, zip line, surf, bike, hike, and the list could go on. We opted to not do the 4-wheeling, horseback riding, rappelling down a waterfall, river tour, sailing, or fishing, just to name a few. Also, because this was the slow season, it was not necessary to book any of the activities in advance. We even managed to get a deal on the white water rafting.

For more details on the activities we did participate in, see the links below!

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