Evening at the park

The other day we took a family outing to the park for a picnic dinner and some hiking. It gave me an excuse to bring the new camera.

A good family outing usually involves a little showmanship. This time it involved rocks. The guys managed to out skip the girls with their talents in skipping rock. Dad found the biggest rock possible and sent it sailing across the water with an impressive 8 skips. (Note: The government issue sunglasses. Key to his rock skipping success!)

Then Steve found his rock of choice and set up for the perfect throw with Isaac perched on his back for the best view of this amazing rock skipping feat.

I'm not sure who got the better ride in this rock toss though... the rock or Isaac!

The other boys soon joined in. But for them it wasn't necessarily about how many skips as it was about having the perfect rock!

Isaac enjoyed his ride in the backpack. He made his way around 3 different backs.